Week 12 (May 19-26): Playdates and The Woombie

I am still growing, but Mummy thinks I am slowing down a bit. Sleeping almost 12 hours every night cut out half of my feedings! I’m down to 4 and sometimes 5 bottles per day. Good thing I down a full 7 oz each time! Apparently my internal clock is set to about 6 am. It doesn’t matter if I got to bed right at 7 or wait until 8, my wake up time is the same. Sometimes I’ll go a little longer, until 6:30 or so, but my clock seems pretty well set.

I had a fun week. My friend Shelby came over to play with me all day while her Mummy went to a meeting at work. Mostly we just slept…she was asleep when I was awake and I slept when she was awake. Shelby had this really neat swaddler called the Woombie. Since I have learned to worm my arms out of my Swaddle Me, Mummy got me a Woombie too! I get zipped into it and I look like a little peanut!

We did have almost an hour of overlapping awake time and we had fun on my activity mat. I am having so much more fun with my toys now that I am almost 3 months old. My new favorite is my octopus…I also think that word is hilarious!! I am smiling and giggling more and more. The other day I was playing with my blanket, trying to eat it and push and pull it and started
squealing…I am very, very cute!!!


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