Week 11 (May 12-19): My First Boo Boo

I am still sleeping through the night and sleep 10-11 hours in a row without a peep or needing to have a bottle! I go to bed between 7 and 9, depending on my naps during the day, and sleep until 6 or 7 am. Thankfully, Mummy got the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and learned that I should have no more than 2 hours of awake time in a row at my age. I was overtired before but now I am taking 3 naps a day, sleep like a champ day and night and always wake up smiling. I don’t even fuss when I get put down drowsy but awake. Mummy wishes I could stay awake closer tot he two hours, but I generally only make it about an hour before I start yawning and my eyes start drooping.

I still love my mobiles and am getting better at starting to reach and bat at my toys on my play mat. I noticed a light up music thing on my play mat for the first time this week and loved it. I am doing OK on tummy time, but unless I do it right when I first wake up, I usually just stick my fist in my mouth and start to snooze.

I got my first boo boo this week and Mummy did not like that one bit! I was very tired and getting a snuggle from Mummy and as I was rubbing my face I started to scream. Mummy comforted me and I stopped crying then I screamed again and Mummy picked me up to see what was wrong since I never ever scream like that (I hardly fuss at all!). Lo and behold, there was a little bit of blood under my eye. Mummy cleaned it up and put some bacatracin on it. Turned out that I scratched myself right under my left eye…good thing it wasn’t my eye!!! I had just had my nails clipped and filed the day before…the grow so fast!!! Mummy will be paying extra attention to my nails in the future!


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