Week 10 (May 5-12): Two Month Check-Up and Sleeping Through the Night

I had my two month check up and shots this week. I did great! I weigh 13 lbs and 14 oz and am 24 inches long. That is the 90th percentile for weight and 75-90th for height. I cried when I got my shots but stopped as soon as the shots were done…they really weren’t too bad. Mummy went to Walgreens on the way home and got me generic infant’s tylenol…since the brand name stuff was recalled! It is grape flavored and I LOVED it!

I slept really well that afternoon and that night as well. I was a little fussy in the afternoon, but Mummy thinks that had more to do with me missing my morning nap (due to my doctor visit) than from the shots. I went to bed at 7:30 pm, only got up at 1:30 am for a teeny 2 oz bottle then was back down until 7:30 am! I woke up a few times in between but was able to get myself back to sleep pretty well. I only needed Mummy to come in a few times to shush me and rub my head or give me a pacifier. Apparently the doctor was right when he told Mummy that I could go longer at night and didn’t need to be eating so much at night…as he said, referencing my huge size, “he’s not going to blow away!”

I also got a new mobile with fun, colorful birds and black and white spirals. It plays classical music and has beads that moves when it turns. I am a huge fan!! I still love my monkey mobile in my crib best, but this is great for my downstairs pack and play! I also got a bunch of new toys that are really great!

Mummy finally caught me smiling on camera and on Mother’s Day I finally got to wear my seersucker suit…I am very handsome!!!

The day after Mother’s Day I gave Mummy the best gift ever…I started sleeping through the night!!! 10 hours straight and not a peep from me 🙂


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