Week 12 (May 19-26): Playdates and The Woombie

I am still growing, but Mummy thinks I am slowing down a bit. Sleeping almost 12 hours every night cut out half of my feedings! I’m down to 4 and sometimes 5 bottles per day. Good thing I down a full 7 oz each time! Apparently my internal clock is set to about 6 am. It doesn’t matter if I got to bed right at 7 or wait until 8, my wake up time is the same. Sometimes I’ll go a little longer, until 6:30 or so, but my clock seems pretty well set.

I had a fun week. My friend Shelby came over to play with me all day while her Mummy went to a meeting at work. Mostly we just slept…she was asleep when I was awake and I slept when she was awake. Shelby had this really neat swaddler called the Woombie. Since I have learned to worm my arms out of my Swaddle Me, Mummy got me a Woombie too! I get zipped into it and I look like a little peanut!

We did have almost an hour of overlapping awake time and we had fun on my activity mat. I am having so much more fun with my toys now that I am almost 3 months old. My new favorite is my octopus…I also think that word is hilarious!! I am smiling and giggling more and more. The other day I was playing with my blanket, trying to eat it and push and pull it and started
squealing…I am very, very cute!!!


Week 11 (May 12-19): My First Boo Boo

I am still sleeping through the night and sleep 10-11 hours in a row without a peep or needing to have a bottle! I go to bed between 7 and 9, depending on my naps during the day, and sleep until 6 or 7 am. Thankfully, Mummy got the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and learned that I should have no more than 2 hours of awake time in a row at my age. I was overtired before but now I am taking 3 naps a day, sleep like a champ day and night and always wake up smiling. I don’t even fuss when I get put down drowsy but awake. Mummy wishes I could stay awake closer tot he two hours, but I generally only make it about an hour before I start yawning and my eyes start drooping.

I still love my mobiles and am getting better at starting to reach and bat at my toys on my play mat. I noticed a light up music thing on my play mat for the first time this week and loved it. I am doing OK on tummy time, but unless I do it right when I first wake up, I usually just stick my fist in my mouth and start to snooze.

I got my first boo boo this week and Mummy did not like that one bit! I was very tired and getting a snuggle from Mummy and as I was rubbing my face I started to scream. Mummy comforted me and I stopped crying then I screamed again and Mummy picked me up to see what was wrong since I never ever scream like that (I hardly fuss at all!). Lo and behold, there was a little bit of blood under my eye. Mummy cleaned it up and put some bacatracin on it. Turned out that I scratched myself right under my left eye…good thing it wasn’t my eye!!! I had just had my nails clipped and filed the day before…the grow so fast!!! Mummy will be paying extra attention to my nails in the future!

Week 10 (May 5-12): Two Month Check-Up and Sleeping Through the Night

I had my two month check up and shots this week. I did great! I weigh 13 lbs and 14 oz and am 24 inches long. That is the 90th percentile for weight and 75-90th for height. I cried when I got my shots but stopped as soon as the shots were done…they really weren’t too bad. Mummy went to Walgreens on the way home and got me generic infant’s tylenol…since the brand name stuff was recalled! It is grape flavored and I LOVED it!

I slept really well that afternoon and that night as well. I was a little fussy in the afternoon, but Mummy thinks that had more to do with me missing my morning nap (due to my doctor visit) than from the shots. I went to bed at 7:30 pm, only got up at 1:30 am for a teeny 2 oz bottle then was back down until 7:30 am! I woke up a few times in between but was able to get myself back to sleep pretty well. I only needed Mummy to come in a few times to shush me and rub my head or give me a pacifier. Apparently the doctor was right when he told Mummy that I could go longer at night and didn’t need to be eating so much at night…as he said, referencing my huge size, “he’s not going to blow away!”

I also got a new mobile with fun, colorful birds and black and white spirals. It plays classical music and has beads that moves when it turns. I am a huge fan!! I still love my monkey mobile in my crib best, but this is great for my downstairs pack and play! I also got a bunch of new toys that are really great!

Mummy finally caught me smiling on camera and on Mother’s Day I finally got to wear my seersucker suit…I am very handsome!!!

The day after Mother’s Day I gave Mummy the best gift ever…I started sleeping through the night!!! 10 hours straight and not a peep from me 🙂

Week 9 (April 28 – May 5): Smiling and Sleeping

Mummy has been getting a lot more sleep lately, thanks in large part to my Nana Foo Foo coming over to play with me. She is in a much better mood and Daddy is very happy about that!! I am doing great. I moved up to the size two diapers!! I think my pants are getting a little tight because after both of my naps on Saturday, I woke up on a huge wet spot.

I love talking to Mummy, Daddy and Nana Foo Foo and smile more and more. I am getting pretty good at holding and shaking my rattle, which makes me very excited. I pump my arms and legs every time I hear it.

I am still sleeping pretty well. Mummy got some advice from veteran Moms that babies who sleep more and better during the day sleep more and better at night. We’re going to try that and see how it goes. I had been taking one good afternoon nap, but not a morning one. Starting on Saturday I took a good (3.5 hours) morning nap and a solid (3 hours) afternoon nap. Mummy is hoping I sleep great and push past the 5-6 hours I have been doing!