Week 8 (April 21-28): Getting Big

I’m Still growing like a weed!! I have my 2 month check up next week and Mummy thinks I’ll be close to 14 lbs and 25 inches…we’ll have to wait and see if she is right! I am already wearing some of my 6 month clothes!!!

My Nana Foo Foo is coming over more often, which is great for me and lets my Mummy get more sleep. When Mummy goes back to work Nana Foo Foo is going to be my Nanny 🙂 Everyone is very excited about this.

I’m still sleeping 5-6 hours at night, but haven’t done anymore 7-8 hour stretches like I’ve done in the past. Mummy is hoping I do it again soon!

I’ve had a few play dates and I am starting to be very interested in the other babies. I am also more awake during the day and am able to hold and shake a rattle. Mummy is very


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