Week 7 (April 14-21): Sleeping in My Own Room

Mummy and Daddy started letting me sleep in my crib in my own room this week. At first I was still in my bouncy seat but after a few nights I started sleeping right down in the crib. I have a bedtime routine that has been going really well. I get a bath on the nights I need it, then a massage with my burt’s bees baby oil – I get my massage every night and I love it. Then Daddy reads me Goodnight Moon while Mummy gives me my bottle. When Daddy is done reading he puts on my lullabys while Mummy finishes feeding me and puts me down. The whole process begins at 7 pm and I am usually asleep by 8 pm. I sleep until sometime between 12 and 2am and then I have another bottle. I go right back down for another 4-6 hours.

This week Mummy and Nana Foo Foo (Mummy told her the name would stick if she kept saying it, lol!) have been working with me a lot on eye contact and following objects and sounds. I’m doing a great job! I am smiling at people a lot more now and am getting really good at spitting my tongue out!

I had two dates this week! One with Shelby, who is 8 days younger than me, and one with Elena, who is 2 and a half weeks older than me. Mummy went walking outside with Shelby’s Mom Laura and to Starbucks then to the mall to walk with Celia, Elena’s Mom. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again soon!


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