Week 6 (April 7-14): Meeting My Great-Nana

I had a pretty good week…I am very close to sleeping through the night – I only get up to eat once. I’ve started settling into a more consistent bedtime between 8 and 9 pm (after a bottle around 7pm). I get up for another bottle between 1 and 2am and sleep until around 7 or 8 am. Mummy is hoping I sleep through that one last night time feeding soon though.

My thrush is almost all the way better. I finished the nystatin but it wasn’t 100% gone so my doctor prescribed me diflucan which is working great. Mummy and Daddy can’t wait until I don’t need any meds anymore!

On Sunday I went with Mummy and Daddy to D-Note for baby boogie. They had music and toys and good food for the parents. It will be a lot more fun when I can walk! It was fun to get to see my friends though.

The highlight of this week though was getting to meet my great-Nana! I spent lots of time with my Nana and great-Nana this week. The other great news is that my Aunt Dia is moving to Denver!!! Mummy is excited to have her whole family so close and also for the free babysitting 🙂

I am getting a lot more awake and active during the day. I focus really well on toys and people and especially love my monkey mobile in my crib. Mummy is thinking about letting me start sleeping there at night soon. I make a lot of grunt and squeak noises at night that make it hard for Mummy to sleep.


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