Week 8 (April 21-28): Getting Big

I’m Still growing like a weed!! I have my 2 month check up next week and Mummy thinks I’ll be close to 14 lbs and 25 inches…we’ll have to wait and see if she is right! I am already wearing some of my 6 month clothes!!!

My Nana Foo Foo is coming over more often, which is great for me and lets my Mummy get more sleep. When Mummy goes back to work Nana Foo Foo is going to be my Nanny 🙂 Everyone is very excited about this.

I’m still sleeping 5-6 hours at night, but haven’t done anymore 7-8 hour stretches like I’ve done in the past. Mummy is hoping I do it again soon!

I’ve had a few play dates and I am starting to be very interested in the other babies. I am also more awake during the day and am able to hold and shake a rattle. Mummy is very


Week 7 (April 14-21): Sleeping in My Own Room

Mummy and Daddy started letting me sleep in my crib in my own room this week. At first I was still in my bouncy seat but after a few nights I started sleeping right down in the crib. I have a bedtime routine that has been going really well. I get a bath on the nights I need it, then a massage with my burt’s bees baby oil – I get my massage every night and I love it. Then Daddy reads me Goodnight Moon while Mummy gives me my bottle. When Daddy is done reading he puts on my lullabys while Mummy finishes feeding me and puts me down. The whole process begins at 7 pm and I am usually asleep by 8 pm. I sleep until sometime between 12 and 2am and then I have another bottle. I go right back down for another 4-6 hours.

This week Mummy and Nana Foo Foo (Mummy told her the name would stick if she kept saying it, lol!) have been working with me a lot on eye contact and following objects and sounds. I’m doing a great job! I am smiling at people a lot more now and am getting really good at spitting my tongue out!

I had two dates this week! One with Shelby, who is 8 days younger than me, and one with Elena, who is 2 and a half weeks older than me. Mummy went walking outside with Shelby’s Mom Laura and to Starbucks then to the mall to walk with Celia, Elena’s Mom. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again soon!

Week 6 (April 7-14): Meeting My Great-Nana

I had a pretty good week…I am very close to sleeping through the night – I only get up to eat once. I’ve started settling into a more consistent bedtime between 8 and 9 pm (after a bottle around 7pm). I get up for another bottle between 1 and 2am and sleep until around 7 or 8 am. Mummy is hoping I sleep through that one last night time feeding soon though.

My thrush is almost all the way better. I finished the nystatin but it wasn’t 100% gone so my doctor prescribed me diflucan which is working great. Mummy and Daddy can’t wait until I don’t need any meds anymore!

On Sunday I went with Mummy and Daddy to D-Note for baby boogie. They had music and toys and good food for the parents. It will be a lot more fun when I can walk! It was fun to get to see my friends though.

The highlight of this week though was getting to meet my great-Nana! I spent lots of time with my Nana and great-Nana this week. The other great news is that my Aunt Dia is moving to Denver!!! Mummy is excited to have her whole family so close and also for the free babysitting 🙂

I am getting a lot more awake and active during the day. I focus really well on toys and people and especially love my monkey mobile in my crib. Mummy is thinking about letting me start sleeping there at night soon. I make a lot of grunt and squeak noises at night that make it hard for Mummy to sleep.

Week 5 (March 31 – April 7): Spitting-Up and Play Dates

This week was a week of huge spit-ups…usually on Mom and often straight down her shirt. I started eating more at a feeding and going longer in between. Now, I tend to go 4-5 hours between feedings instead of 3-4. I am also starting to sleep longer at night. Mummy thinks I’ll be sleeping through the night in another few weeks.

I had my first play date this week at Anjuli’s house. I was the youngest baby there by a day…but not even close tot he smallest! I am getting HUGE. I had to go back to the doctor for thrush. This time I got nystatin instead of just getting my mouth painted purple. I weighed 10 lbs 3 oz on Monday and was up to 10 lbs 13 oz by Friday!!! Mummy and Daddy measured me and I’m up to 23 inches long! Mummy and Nana think I look more like a 2-3 month old than a 4 week old. I have outgrown all my newborn clothes and am in the 3 month size…they are not
even big on me!

Since I’ve been a little more awake during the days I am starting to get a little fussy by early evening. I don’t scream but I make my cry face, grunt, wiggle and stretch. Usually Mummy is able to get me to sleep pretty well though. I am a lot more fussy for Daddy though. I am enjoying my awake time more though. I have started reaching for my toys and smiling when I get them. I also love tummy time and am super great at holding my head up and turning it. I’m so strong!!

Mummy got me a sweet new ride this week…a Bob Revolution stroller. I can’t wait for it to get a little warmer so I can go jogging with her. She had to get a whole new car seat to fit in the adapter…I sure am expensive! At least this stroller will last for several years and it can even go on trails!