Week 3 (March 17-24): Thrush, Formula, and Growing

I am still doing great, except for a little episode of thrush. Luckily Mummy recognized it pretty quickly and got me in to the doctor. They painted my mouth purple with medicine and it was all taken care of! Hopefully, I won’t be back to the doctor until my 2month checkup!

After my first two weeks, I started on formula. Mummy tried and tried and just never made any milk for me. The lactation specialist says she’s never seen anyone try so hard to nurse. It’s ok though, I am getting all the nutrition I need and am still growing like a weed. The only yucky part is that my tummy is a little upset since I have to learn how to digest and poop all over again. Mummy and Daddy give my Mylicon after bottles and that is helping a lot!. Sometimes I get fussy now, but I calm down as soon as I poop! I’ll get this figured out soon!!

When I went to the doctor for the thrush, they weighed me (jammies and diaper on) and I weighed 9 pounds and 7 ounces!!! I am even starting to get a little big for my newborn size outfits. Mummy is starting to cut the feet out of my newborn jammies so I can wear them a little longer. The body and arms seems to fit fine still.

I am starting to be more awake and alert during the day and have recently discovered my fingers. I like to suck on them as soon as Mummy takes the bottle away to burp me. I smile and smirk and show Mummy how proud I am of myself! I am also liking to sleep on my tummy on Mummy’s chest more starting this week.


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