Week 2 (March 10-17): Eating, Sleeping, Pooping and Pictures

My jaundice was all better and I was eating, sleeping and pooping like a champ! I was still feeding with an SNS and donor milk. Mummy pumped and pumped and nursed and nursed, every few hours, but wasn’t able to breast feed me.

At my two week check-up I weighed a whopping 8 pounds!! After our visit I went to my very first restaurant…The Huckleberry in Louisville. Mummy and Daddy love it there and ate there a lot when I was still in Mummy’s belly.

I still sleep a lot and am not fussy at all…Mummy and Daddy really seem to appreciate that 🙂 I eat about every 3 hours during the day and sometimes up to 4-5 hours at night.

During the day, Mummy puts me on my tummy time mat to both look up at all my toys and then on my tummy so I can pick my head up and roll around. I love my new rainbow and black and white catapillar the best!

Right at 14 days old, I had my first photo shoot!  A wonderful photographer names Kristi Chadwick did them and they turned out GREAT!  I sure am cute!!


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