Week 1 (March 3-10): I was born!

I was born on March 3 at 1:37 pm. I weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces and was 20.5 inches long! Despite my cone-head (Mom had to push for almost 2 hours because I didn’t have my chin down…sorry, Mummy!), everyone says I’m pretty darn cute!! When I was in the basinette about to get my vitamin K and eye goop, I rolled over!! Nobody could believe how strong I was. I was also picking my head up right after I was born! I went home two days after I was born and was doing great, but my bili level was borderline high so Mummy and Daddy needed to watch me. A few days later my jaundice got bad and I had to sleep in a Bili and Daddy, but I just relaxed and slept until I was all better. I had to get my heel pricked every day to check my bili levels, but I didn’t cry at all. The only part I let out a little cry for was getting the band-aid put on – I hate band-aids!!


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